The “Andare Oltre” Foundation onlus was founded by the will of Dr. Piero Petricca, Orthopedic Surgeon who carried out his institutional activity at public facilities in Lazio for over 30 years, mainly dealing with traumatology.

Since 2000 he has also been involved in volunteering, providing his Orthopedic assistence to children with motor disability and needy people, through humanitarian missions lasting 3-4 weeks each one, carried out in various African countries (Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar).

With the work of the Foundation intends to consolidate a commitment, guaranteeing a continuous and organic presence of specialized operators who, in addition to the purely medical and surgical aspects, also deal with the ongoing training of local medical and paramedical staff, promoting, at the same time, projects of collaboration for the education of children and young people, to help them improve their social status and their future expectations.


The “Andare Oltre” foundation is a non-political, non-religious, non-governmental organization that looks at the cooperation and growth of developing Countries through health, humanitarian, environmental and social intervention aimed at:

  • supporting local hospitals sending health professionals and appropriate means
  • collaborating in the recovery and adaptation of run-down hospitals
  • improving the preparation of local health personnel through training courses
  • ensuring access to healthcare for the most deprived persons 
  • implementing technical cooperation programmes for environmental rehabilitation, in particular for fighting malaria
  • implementing cooperation programmes for youth literacy
  • implementing cooperation programmes for the recovery and development of the agri-food heritage
  • encouraging individual support activities, promoting the Micro-credit in trade, crafts and agro-pastoral activities


Piero Petricca  Born in Civitella Roveto (AQ) on  22 May 1951 – Doctor

Ruggero Bianchi  Born in Roma on 17 December 1945 – Architect

Maurizio Molinaro Born in Ancona, on 21 November 1950 – Doctor

Cynthia Capuano  Born in  Roma on 1 March 1954 – Fashion designer

Elisabeth Marascalchi  Born inRovereto (Tn) on 30 August 1981 – Entrepreneur

Marco Petricca Born in Civitella Roveto (AQ) on 24 February 1958 – Salesman

Jean Pierre Ruhayira Born in Louvain (Belgio) on 24 October 1969 – Cultural educator

Alessandro Petricca Born in Roma on 29 November 1983 – Physiotherapist

Alessandra Casali Born in Roma on 20 February  1966 – Accountant

Eugenio La Mesa Born in Roma on 10 March 1968 – Freelancer

Pietro Sodani Born in Roma on 27 October 1967 – Doctor


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