Summary of health activities carried out

SUMMARY OF HEALTH ACTIVITIES IN BURUNDI AND IN MADAGASCAR PERIODOUTCOMES PATIENTSHOSPITALIZATIONSSURGERIES Burundi 2020: 25 January – 15 February3626444 Burundi 2019: 23 August-14 September2506049 Madagascar 2019: 27 March-16 April1101410 Burundi 2019: 19 January – 10 February1604845 Madagascar 2018: 9 November – 1 December1051513 Burundi 2018: 24 August – 21 September2806453 Madagascar 2018: 6 – 29 April951813 [...]

Burundi 2020: 25 January – 15 February

The first health mission of the year in Burundi ended on 15 February. Antonia, a doctor specialized in vascular surgery, Francesco, orthopaedic doctor, Francesca and Mara, nurses, Giuliana, rehabilitator, Gianni, orthopaedic technician and myself took part, as always on an absolutely voluntary basis. We have carried out a great deal of work, supported, as usual, […]

Individual activities

A cow for a family With this project we want to support destitute families in rural Burundi through the provision of goods necessary for their livelihood. It is carried out in collaboration with the Association APS Burundi, founded and directed by Marie Claire Gegera, a Burundian Nurse who has been living and working in Italy […]

Support for school activities

School building – Teachers training With this project we want to help the poorest children and young people to improve their social condition by investing in their education, through the construction or modernization of schools, the training and periodic updating of teachers and the integration of their poor wages, in collaboration with local associations. So […]

Support to health activities

Adoption of a hospital bed Our health care activities include medical examinations, outpatient treatments, hospitalizations and surgeries for children, young people, adults who, in about 90% of cases, are destitute; this means that, in addition to providing our work free of charge, we also bear the costs of drugs, clinical and instrumental examinations, hospitalization and […]

Testamentary bequests

The Solidarity Will is a powerful tool that anyone can use to actively help voluntary associations to develop and implement their projects. It is a simple gesture, but it can become an important source of funding for those who work in the social sector, in health or school projects, for the recovery of the environment or […]


There are many opportunities through which you can raise funds for the Fondazione Andare Oltre onlus; Weddings, Baptisms, Confirmations, Communions, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation parties can transform your moments of joy into moments of useful happiness for all the children and poor people we assist with our projects. They can in fact become books and notebooks, […]


You can finance our projects in Africa through donations in cash or natural assets, which can be made in the following ways: Bank account Banca Credito Valtellinese IBAN code: IT52OR05216032200000098064 BIC/SWIFT code: BPCVIT2S Registered in the Andare Oltre onlus Foundation Postal Current Account Italian Post Office IBAN: EN47V0760103200000002049811 Registered in the Andare Oltre onlus Foundation […]

5 per thousand devolution

For our Foundation, the devolution of 5 per thousand with the tax return is still the largest source of livelihood for the projects in Burundi and Madagascar; thanks also to your 5 per thousand, we have realized in Madagascar, in collaboration with the Loharano Association and the Radler Association, eight classrooms in two separate schools; […]

Support the Foundation

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Summary of school activities

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Project to support school activities

The idea to set up this project in Madagascar stemmed from the observation of the low level of education and the high number of school drop-outs among the poorest sections of the population, especially in rural areas and the deep south; This is due both to economic problems (public and private schooling has a cost […]

Support for individual activities

The APS Association is based in Bujumbura, Burundi; it was founded by Marie Claire Gegera, a Burundian Nurse who has been living and working in Genoa for several years, and who was orphaned at a very young age by both her parents, who died during the civil war that bloodied the country for many years. […]

Sickle cell disease in sub-Saharan Africa

Haemoglobin disorders are inherited blood diseases that affect how oxygen is carried in the body. Haemoglobin disorders fall into two main categories: sickle-cell disease and thalassaemias. • Sickle-cell disease is characterized by a modification in the shape of the red blood cell from a smooth, donut-shape into a crescent or half moon shape. The misshapen […]


In Burundi and Madagascar, as in much of Africa, access to health care, for the majority of the population, is very complicated, for many reasons. First of all, because the vast majority of the inhabitants, especially in Burundi, live in the rural areas of the country, where there are no satisfactory health structures; secondly, because […]

Prosthetics project Burundi

In Burundi there is a large number of people with limb amputation, especially the lower ones. Many of these disabilities have been the result of wears (the civil war ended in 2004), some are due to traumas from car or work accidents, other are the result of disabling and destructive diseases (mainly osteomyelitis and sickle […]

Burundi 2019: 23 August-14 September

We have just returned a few days after the second and last mission of 2019 in Burundi. It was a complex expedition both from an organizational and logistic point of view, for the number of expatriate participants who took part (eight), for the management of the material to be sent by air (all the components […]

Madagascar 2019: 27 March-16 April

The first mission of 2019 to Madagascar, in which Luca, vascular surgeon, and Agostino, resuscitator nurse, took part, in addition to myself, just a few days ago. It took place in the city of Toliara, located in the southwest of Madagascar, on the banks of the Mozambique Canal, inhabited by about 200,000 people, most of […]

Madagascar 2018: 6 – 29 April

From 6th to 29th April we took part in the first health mission of the year in Madagascar; Dr Cristina Sciarra, pediatrician, Dr Viola Colombi, vascular surgeon, and myself took part. On the spot we availed ourselves of the help of Francine, a nurse from Antananarivo, whose collaboration was very valuable, especially to interface with […]

Teacher training courses

During our trips to Madagascar we have come into contact with many school realities, and we have noticed that the average level of preparation of primary and secondary school teachers is poor, especially in the rural areas of the country; many teachers, in fact, do not know how to speak and write the French language, […]

Burundi 2018: 16 January – 8 February

From 16th January to 8th February a health mission was completed at the Bubanza Hospital, in Burundi, organized by the “Andare Oltre Foundation” in collaboration with “FIMAC onlus”, in which Dr. Pietro Ortensi, hand surgeon, Mara Carrupt, nurse, and myself took part. In the hospital we also availed ourselves of the help of a doctors […]

Madagascar 2017: 20 September – 13 October

On September 20th Annamaria and Salvatore left Turin to carry out refresher courses as part of the project to support school activities, while on September 23rd Cristina, pediatricia, Mara, nurse, and myself left from Rome for the health project. Annamaria and Salvatore carried out both the advanced course for primary and secondary school teachers and […]

Burundi 2017: 28 March – 16 April

This mission was carried out at the Bubanza Hospital jointly by the “Andare Oltre” Foundation and the “FIMAC” Foundation; Dr. Pietro Ortensi, hand surgeon, Dr. Alfredo Antonucci, anaesthetist, the Radiology Technician Fabio Barbanti and myself took part. During the 15 days of stay in Burundi, apart from the health aspect, we have been able to […]

Madagascar 2016: 18 October – 16 November

Questa ultima missione del 2016 è stata estremamente importante e fruttuosa, sia per l’aspetto sanitario sia per quello di formazione ed edilizia scolastica. La parte medico-sanitaria è stata curata dalla Cristina Sciarra, dal Dr. Tarcisio Bruno e dall’ Infermiera Mara Carrupt, oltre che dal sottoscritto, mentre della parte di formazione scolastica si è fatta carico la […]

Burundi 2016: 2 – 19 June

From 2 to 19 June the first health mission of 2016 took place in Burundi. Mara Carrupt, Nurse at the first mission with the Foundation, Fabio Masala, Nurse, at the third mission and more and more motivated and myself participated, all as volunteers. We carried out our work at the Mutoyi Hospital, located 40 km […]

Madagascar 2016: 12-19 June

Investing in the training and health of a population means guaranteeing freedom and opportunities for growth, personal and community development, starting with children. For this reason this year, from 13th to 17th June, we organized in Toliara, Madagascar, the first pedagogical-didactic training course for teachers and headmasters of primary and secondary schools. or five days, […]

Madagascar 2015: 12 – 31 May

In this second mission to Madagascar, which lasted about 3 weeks, we took care of both the health project and the school project. The mission was attended by Dr. Mauro Mocci, general practitioner with extensive pediatric experience, Catia Di Natale, nurse, our treasurer Alessandra and myself. Healthcare activities were mainly concentrated in Antananarivo, the capital […]

Burundi 2015: 21 February – 8 March

The first mission of the year in the Hospital of Bubanza in Burundi, in which Dr. Pietro Ortensi, Nurses Catia Di Natale and Fabio Masala, and myself took part on a voluntary basis, was characterised by a special event. In fact, during this mission, we implanted the first reverse shoulder prosthesis of Burundi and, probably, […]

Burundi 2014: 12 – 29 June

On June 12th the first and only health mission in Burundi for 2014 started. Dr.Pietro Ortensi, Nurse Fabio Masala and myself were part of it. They were, as always, very intense working days, also because the mission lasted only two weeks, unlike the usual 3 weeks. Despite the shorter time available, we still managed to make […]

Madagascar 2014: 23 April – 7 May

A few months ago we met Sandra, a girl from Pesaro who has been working in Madagascar for some years, where she deals with agro-food development projects. During the first meeting and after many mails exchanged with each other, we’ve got a fairly precise idea of the local social-health situation, so we have made the […]

Burundi 2013: 17 November – 8 December

In the three weeks between November 17 and December 8, the second and final surgical mission of the Foundation in Burundi for 2013 was completed. Two orthopaedic surgeons (Piero Petricca and Stefano Carbone), a hand surgeon (Pietro Ortensi) and three Nurses (Catia Di Natale, Annarita Scocco, Mara Lilliu) participated in this mission. We have carried […]

Burundi 2013: 2 – 25 May

On May 2nd the members of the first surgical mission of the Foundation for 2013 to the Hospital of Bubanza, Burundi, left for Burundi. Dr. Piero Petricca, Dr. Pietro Ortensi and Nurse Claudia Campagnolo were part of this expedition, together with Alessandra Casali, treasurer of the Foundation and Claudia Petricca, with the task of reorganizing […]

Burundi 2012: 12 August – 2 September

On August 12th I left Rome together with my fellow Pietro Ortensi, hand surgeon, to Bubanza to carry out a further surgical mission. During the 19 days of our stay in Burundi we carried out 32 surgeries, we visited a large number of people in the health centres run by the Xaverian Fathers and the […]

Burundi 2011: 14 November – 4 December

On November 14th we left to carry out the last mission of 2011 in Burundi. A nurse, Catia Di Natale, and a large group of doctors, to be precise Piero Petricca, orthopaedist, Alfredo Orefice, orthopaedist, Sandro Tinti, pediatrician, Claudio Gambetta, hematologist, have been part of it. During the three-week stay in Bubanza hospital we performed […]

Burundi 2011: 28 May – 19 June

On May 28th we left Fiumicino airport for this umpteenth health mission in Burundi. The group includes Dr. Vincenzo Monti, Orthopaedic, President of F.I.M.A.C. (Italian Doctors’ Foundation for Central Africa), who has been working in Burundi for about 14 years, Dr. Piero Petricca, Orthopaedic, President of the “Andare Oltre” Foundation, Dr. Pietro Ortensi, Hand Surgeon, […]