In order to improve and stabilize the Foundation’s projects in Burundi and Madagascar over time, we need to give greater continuity to our presence in the territory, also diversifying the areas of intervention. For this reason we are looking for medical and paramedical staff for intervention in support of health activities and teaching staff for interventions in support of school activities. Specifically, we need orthopaedists, anaesthetists, ophtalmologists, neurologists, haematologists, nurses and physiotherapists for all the outpatient activities that we carry out in the health centres of the two countries and in the structures where we carry out our surgical activities. The teaching staff must necessarily know the French language in order to hold refresher courses for teachers in Madagascar.
Each mission lasts on average three weeks. Currently our greates difficulty is still linked to the poor compliance of the medical and health care personnel in the management of the orthopaedic patient as a whole, both in terms of the type of operations we perform (reduction of fractures with plaques and nails, prostheses, osteotomies, bone resection, external fixation, arthodesis, etc.), and in the ability to prepare and sterilely manage the instrumentation of the operating field. A similar problem concerns anaesthetists, who are almost exclusively anaesthesia techinicians and have little or no practice in paediatric anaesthesia, which is essential for us as children represent a considerable part of our patients. We have the same problem for the orthopaedists, as there in no specialisation school for orthopaedics. Hence the need to have Professionals at our disposal to support us in the management of of the medical and surgical aspects of patients and, at the same time, in the training and education of local health care personnel, so as to enable them to become autonomous
In Madagascar we have the same difficulties with teachers, both in terms of general preparation and, above all, in the knowledge of the French language which, although still an official language together with Malagasy, is in fact spoken and written less and less. For this reason we need teachers who can give courses in cultural anthropology, updating of teaching techniques and improvement of the French language. Anyone interested can fill in the application form.

It is clear that this choice implies a greater economic commitment on our part, and for this reason we turn to all those who, although they cannot be with us physically, still want to participate actively in the implementation of our projects ensuring a logistical assistance solidarity, preparatory and fundamental for the implementation of all planned activities.
Solidarity logistic assistance means fundraising, subscription of 5 per thousand, liberal donations, contribution to the purchase of material and equipment necessary for the hospital and college, adoption of hospital beds or the cost of schooling of students, support for projects to be implemented, direct dissemination or through social projects of the Foundation.

Piero Petricca


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