Burundi 2020: 25 January – 15 February

The first health mission of the year in Burundi ended on 15 February. Antonia, a doctor specialized in vascular surgery, Francesco, orthopaedic doctor, Francesca and Mara, nurses, Giuliana, rehabilitator, Gianni, orthopaedic technician and myself took part, as always on an absolutely voluntary basis. We have carried out a great deal of work, supported, as usual, […]

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Sickle cell disease in sub-Saharan Africa

Haemoglobin disorders are inherited blood diseases that affect how oxygen is carried in the body. Haemoglobin disorders fall into two main categories: sickle-cell disease and thalassaemias. • Sickle-cell disease is characterized by a modification in the shape of the red blood cell from a smooth, donut-shape into a crescent or half moon shape. The misshapen […]

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Burundi 2019: 23 August-14 September

We have just returned a few days after the second and last mission of 2019 in Burundi. It was a complex expedition both from an organizational and logistic point of view, for the number of expatriate participants who took part (eight), for the management of the material to be sent by air (all the components […]

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